At i Quote Projects we offer a total building solution which means that we'll meet any and every demand!

We offer an extensive range of services through our association with various reputable contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.
Upon first meeting with the prospective client, our consultants assess the client's needs through obtaining information relevant to the necessary work. We then compile quotations based on our expertise in specific but relevant areas. These quotations are then presented to the client at the next meeting which is when the quotes are broken down and revised.

Once the quotations have been presented to the client, he/she has the may request our services as project managers of the site where the work is being done.

Kitchen Renovations :
The kitchen is the heart of any home so it is important to have your new kitchen done by professionals and to your personal taste. Every detail must be carefully considered so as to create the perfect social environment which is the home kitchen. This includes everything from choosing the right kitchen cupboard handles and matching kitchen tops (granite, marble, etc) right through to a practical and sensible layout or design.

Bathroom Renovations :
One's bathroom says a lot about one's personal taste and style, and it is the one place all one's visitors will get to see at some point in time. Renovating one's bathroom is not necessarily an expensive venture yet it adds great value to the home. A good tiler is essential in bringing one's creative ideas to fruition when redecorating one's relaxation station which is the bathroom.

Concrete Slabs :
Obtaining structural integrity is crucial when laying concrete foundations or slabs. Correct mixture of cement and stone combined with the necessary amount of reinforcing steel is what is needed to achieve this goal. There is a certain amount of structural engineering involved in getting that perfect mix which is why it is important to use a specialist company to perform this kind of task.