With the energy crisis now a stark reality, we South Africans have to take action on behalf of our country's failing energy utility.

With the help of an experienced ESCo (Energy Services Company) large factories and office buildings can potentially save valuable energy to help reduce load shedding. The ESCo can install a range of metering devices and logging equipment to determine any kind of anomaly occurring on the system, whether it be poor power quality (which is a separate problem from load shedding but equally serious) or simply the verification of the power utility bill.

i Quote Projects is committed to providing energy saving solutions and is associated with a dynamic ESCo which offers the following:

Energy Metering:
Energy Management Systems and Maximum Demand Control
Hosting of energy data (Online Billing) and Bill Verification
Power Quality Measurement:
Power Factor and Harmonics
Sags / Swells - Dips / Spikes
Voltage Unbalance
Load Unbalance
Benchmarking of current consumption
Prediction of Max Demand and Future Consumption
Internal Billing
Automatic control of equipment (stop/ start)
GPRS, Radio, Optic Fibre, Ethernet Communication
Diesel Generators:
Turnkey generator solutions up to 2000 kVA
Instrumentation and Energy Efficiency:
Solutions for industrial and commercial Pumps, Fans and Compressors
Power Quality Solutions:
AccuSine (power factor correction through harmonic filtering)
EVR (electronic voltage regulator)
Sagfighter (rides out dips in voltage)
PFC (power factor correction on phase shifting)