If your geyser is not warming up then it could be experiencing one or more of the following problems:

  •  Incoming power - Make sure all circuit breakers in the main DB box are in the "ON" position.
  • Circuit breaker - In the main DB box inside the house there will be a breaker that's feeding the geyser (usually labelled "geyser"). Make sure it's in the "ON" position and is supplying power through to the geyser.
  • Isolator - At the geyser there is an isolator switch with which you can isolate the geyser while you are working on it. Sometimes the isolator has burned out or just doesn't work anymore and is simply faulty.
  • Thermostat-There is a thermostat inside the geyser that regulates the heat and if it is burned or rusted on the inside it could be causing the geyser not to work and would need replacing.    
  •  Element - If the geyser element no longer works, the geyser will not heat up at all. Sometimes the circuit breaker trips or depending on the wiring of the DB board the earth leakage will trip as well.
  • Timer - Some people prefer to have a timer installed to save on electricity. If the timer no longer works it could be the reason why there is no power going to the geyser.
  • Timer on the geyser is proven to save you money every month depending on the size of the geyser you will save about R350
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