The switch board is the most important part of an electrical installation. It consists of the following:


  • the main switch - this main breaker gives you the capacity of how much power you can use at any given time
  •  the earth leakage - this breaker is usually positioned right next to the main switch and it�s function is to protect you if there is a problem on the installation, especially if you plug something in that is a danger to you. The earth leakage should trip in this instance and, depending on the wiring of the board, it should also trip if there is a problem on the permanent fixtures such as the geyser, stove or oven.
  • the circuit breakers - these are there to protect the wiring of the installation. Since  the thickness of the wires in the house differ, each circuit needs its own circuit Breaker to protect the wire. The circuit breaker will trip out if there is a fault such as a burned wire or a wire that�s become disconnected somewhere. If the circuit breakers are faulty they can cause a fire hazard.

If the board is not wired correctly then it is useless. The purpose of the trip switch board in the distribution board is to protect you and your family/staff from danger. 

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