An electric gate motor is an essential item for any home owner. Getting out of your car to open the gate opens you up to being attacked by criminals and thieves. There is a wide range of accessories one can have installed along with one?s gate motor. These include:

  •  infrared beams- these will prevent the gate from closing on one?s car
  •  loop detectors (pressure plates) for automatic opening upon exiting the premises
  •  key pads for access without a remote  
  • anti-theft brackets which prevent the gate motor from being stolen
  • wireless GSM modules which allow one to open the gate using one?s cell phone.

We install 1:1 and 1:2 gate stations on request .Our preferred brand of gate motor to install is Centurion gate motors due to the good quality and reliability of their units although, upon request, we can install any make of gate motor our clients prefer.