Pre-paid electricity is fast becoming a very viable option in terms of regulating electricity usage. Generally speaking, it is a cheaper form of electricity since it is paid for in advance and is therefore manageable as opposed to direct incoming ele

Typical issues occurring at earth leakage switches include:        earth leakage switch keeps on tripping        earth leakage switch does not stay up or in the "ON" position     &

If your geyser is not warming up then it could be experiencing one or more of the following problems:  Incoming power - Make sure all circuit breakers in the main DB box are in the "ON" position. Circuit breaker - In

Stoves: If your electric stove or oven is tripping the earth leakage or lightly shocking you when you operate it then it means that one of the plates has burnt out or is becoming dangerous to use. This usually happens when the stove is very old o

The switch board is the most important part of an electrical installation. It consists of the following:   the main switch - this main breaker gives you the capacity of how much power you can use at any given time  the eart

We rewired DB boards upon request. A badly or incorrectly wired DB board is a serious health hazard as well as a fire hazard and should immediately be made safe by a qualified electrician. If you are unsure or if your DB board doesn’t look sa

An electric gate motor is an essential item for any home owner. Getting out of your car to open the gate opens you up to being attacked by criminals and thieves. There is a wide range of accessories one can have installed along with one’s gate m

A compliance certificate is essential to have if you plan on selling ……. or buying a house. The compliance certificate is your guarantee that all the electrical wiring of the house is safe and that every circuit breaker in the distribution bo

Faulty plug points and/or light switches can be very dangerous especially to small children who are inquisitive and like to stick their fingers in everything. We will happily check all plugs points, light switches, light fittings and garden lights an